We’re into the end of year count down to exams and there is no more time for tooling around.

It’s time to abandon cat video’s, Steam, WoW, CoD, Minecraft and Facebook.

For those who are too weak minded to go cold turkey, here’s some help from Wired

Learn to Ignore the Internet and Steal Back Your Concentration



A few tips if you can’t give up the games.

  • Set designated recreational times – with definite end times.
  • Put an alarm clock near the computer.
  • Play games with short time limits.
  • Don’t play server based collaborative games where you feel compelled to not abandon the team.
  • Play games that can be saved at any point, not at the completion of a level.
  • Put off Boss battles until your next designated recreation time.
  • Put off planning, or thinking about game puzzles until your Rec time
  • Do not set game Rec time  within an hour of Bed Time.
  • Set some contracted penalties e.g. your brother (who doesn’t wash his hands after the toilet)  gets the use of your guitar (or other precious item) for an hour for every minute you go over.
  • This applies to all digital games – console, PC, and phone (don’t try and play that semantics game with me).