Digital transformation *(Dx) is the woolly undefined way that technology is changing the way things get done. Obviously it means different things to different organisations depending on their needs and resources.

The crux of this is change, and the core of Dx implementation needs to be change management. A fairly common problem I’ve encountered is the over promotion of the tools and processes, with less focus on inclusive strategies that progressively bring people on board. The technology aspect should be the ‘what’ of your change process, it’s not the ‘how’.

What are the universal levers and strategies that will assist your staff to shift in attitude and practice?
Have you effectively sold the WFM (What’s in it For Me) aspects to your staff?

It’s important for all education staff to have a broad understanding of Dx. It is happening whether we like it or not, and it is better to be informed so we can effectively participate and contribute to the process.

If you want to get your head around the issues, Campus Technology have recorded some expert interviews and put together some links on Dx the process.

*The use of ‘Dx’ is not particularly helpful, as upper case DX is the universally accepted abbreviation for Digital Experience.