I generally don’t worry too much about business side of EdTech but I thought this was interesting. Blackboard have been a behemoth in the LMS market. According to Campus Technology

“Anthology and Blackboard have announced a merger, pairing the former’s enterprise software for enrollment management, student engagement, alumni fundraising and institutional effectiveness with the latter’s learning management software, communication tools and student success solutions.”

This is probably not a big surprise, Blackboard has been losing market share to Canvas and Moodle over the past 10 years. Providing a bundle of institutional services (perhaps under a different name) makes some sense. The lack of integrated Higher Ed systems has certainly been an annoyance of mine. For me, the worry is the new entity will be owned by private equity firms (as Blackboard is currently) which can mean minimum product/service for maximum profit. I may be on my own here, but my experience with Blackboard support services over the past few years in Australia (up to 2018) hasn’t been great. Hopefully the new structure will address this.