The easiest way to follow this site is to go to the bottom of the page and subscribe to the monthly newsletter. You’ll get a summary of the months posts and activities (like new videos and courses) plus links to other interesting learning and technology articles that I’ve found. The second easiest way is with Feedly

Using Feedly

Feedly is a great tool if you want to follow updates from multiple sites. It’s a free browser based add on that also works on your IOS and Android smartphone. Setting up an account is easy. Go to Click on the login button and create an account with your Google login. You can also create an account with a different email and password.

Once you’re in click on the + button on the left to add a site.

Type in the site URL then click the text field to open the dropdown. Select Ed Tech Pro Feed to see the regular updates.

When the Feed box opens click Follow

If you have added categories (like Ed Tech) select one and click ADD.
You can add a new category at the bottom using the the +NEW FEED button.

Your site will appear in the left hand menu in the selected category.

Click on the site to see the posts


Another thing you can with a site you frequently visit is bookmark it and load it to your Toolbar. I’ll do a post about the ins and outs of bookmarks soon.

It’s pretty easy but if it’s not clear, or you need a hand post a comment. I’ll put together a full “How to” video for Feedly in the near future