Facebook alternatives

Facebook has a long history of dodgy privacy policies and can shut down any group at a whim. In Australia they blocked all news media (18/2/21) including non government political satirical pages (the kind who make fun of FB) like The Betoota Advocate and The Chaser. They have shut down the Bureau of Meteorology page and in blocking the national broadcaster (ABC) they have blocked a major Bushfire Emergency information source (remember last years monster koala killer fires). Time to look at Facebook alternatives.

Here is what I use:

  • News Aggregator – Feedly – free and pretty easy. If your news site or group has a web page just use Feedly. Or just get the official app for the news source.
  • Group chat
    – Set up a group on your iPhone or Android text chat. (Instagram and Whats apps are also owned by FB so carry the same risks).
    Slack is also worth looking at.
    – if there’s a geek in the family with a web site you can set up a Discourse page.
  • Online second hand markets – In Australia this is Gumtree or The Trading Post
  • Free second hand online markets – Community Exchange, Freecycle.org, Buy Nothing Project.