If you need something like this you are probably doing it wrong.

In general set up facing a window and have a 1100-1500 lumen (75-100 watt) “cool white” globe in the room. If possible try not to sit directly underneath it (to avoid eye brow shadows).

If you need more light (or the outside light is inconsistent) try a desk lamp with a 500-900 lumen (40-60 watt) cool white globe. Position it at about eye level or just above and just to the side (about 30 degrees) so it’s not directly in your eyes. Experiment with distances so you don’t get harsh shadows. Alternatively you can use a stronger globe and bounce to light off a nearby wall this will give you a more even light.

The set up in the picture has a desk lamp with a 500 lumen globe and 2 x 1400 lumen lights (from my workshop). One light is bouncing off the facing wall and one off the side wall. I use it to do tricky things in training.