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During the 1960s space race the U.S. needed a device that would write in zero gravity, so they spent a million dollars developing a nitrogen pressurized, tungsten tipped, pen.  A marvel of calligraphical engineering.          The Russians used a pencil.

It shouldn’t be about the technology, it’s always about the solution.

What’s happening in Ed Tech

Each week I skim through a range of education and tech feeds to give you an update on current issues and innovations.  I also post up my latest “How To” guides and reviews.  

The best of 2015 round up

I have been flat out and haven't' had time to post but there are some 2015 round ups You Tubes 2015 Rewind TechCrunch’s Favorite Things Of 2015 News.coms Best gadgets of 2015 Tom's Guide 100 Gift ideas Have a good holiday.

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Hangouts are now a bit more useful.

"Starting today, we’re making this feature even more useful by removing the requirement that guests have a Google account in order to join a Hangouts video call. Here’s how it works: guests without a Google account who have been provided with the video call link by...

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