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In teaching and training it’s more important to understand how people learn and what they need to achieve, and base your practice on that rather than the latest technology.   If you can do both it’s even better. 

I can help you with that. 



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Each week I skim through a range of education and tech feeds to give you an update on current issues and innovations. 
I also post up my latest “How To” guides and reviews.  

Let’s talk about webcam audio

Let’s talk about webcam audio

Webcams in general are fairly blunt instruments when it comes to audio. They are basically tuned to pick up noise that is close by so they are less likely to pick things like road noise, but they love the sound of keyboards and mouse clicks.They are also...

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Let’s talk about webcam lighting.

Let’s talk about webcam lighting.

If you need something like this you are probably doing it wrong. In general set up facing a window and have a 1100-1500 lumen (75-100 watt) "cool white" globe in the room. If possible try not to sit directly underneath it (to avoid eye brow shadows). If you need more...

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