I have had a look at PowerPoint Mix and I will post a few videos over on the Meanderings YouTube channel in the next week or so, but in general I like it.  It has some definite limitations, but it is easy to use and the technical quality of the output is good enough.

So from me (so far) a tentative and conditional  two thumbs up.

A quick look at the featured  gallery page is a little depressing.  Mix suffers from the same problem as regular PowerPoint (and nail guns) in that owning the tool does not guarantee you’re not going to do yourself some damage.

It provides a whole new way of being not very good.

One quick tip.  At the absolute maximum, we only need to see your webcammed face in the opening and closing slide (at the maximum).

If you want some more tips we have a Google Community Monash Making Videos for Learning which you are welcome join.