I use quite a bit of animation in my presentations.  In a Presentation Skills session I did a while ago, the person behind the camera was focused on me rather than the screen when the animation ran.  I put a fair bit of thought (and a lot of time) into creating something that visually reinforced the point I was making and I wanted it in the video.

Luckily PowerPoint allows you to convert a slide (or your entire presentation) into a wmv video file.  It will also pick up the audio clips that are associated with the slides.

Go to File, then Save As

PPt to wmv1

Select WMV and click OK

PPT to wmv2

Choose whether to turn just the slide you are on into a video (which is what I did) or the turn the whole thing into a video.

WMV is the only video format, so you might want to convert it into an mp4 if you want to use it as a stand alone video (I use Format Factory and Any video Converter).

I dropped the animation video into Adobe Premiere Elements and edited the two files together.

I’m not sure I’d recommend converting a whole presentation.   You would have to spend a fair bit of time messing around  with the automatic timing of  your slides.  If you are using audio it will probably be faster to do a screen capture recording.