I’ve been looking for a simple way to stream lectures and presentations, something simple enough for the average novice to set up and run with on their own.   Ustream and Livestream are a bit too complex for our purposes.   Google Hangouts are simple enough, but webcams aren’t really up to the job, and I didn’t want to buy (and loan out) a lot of new high end cameras.

What I have tracked down is a Magewell USB3 to HDMI Capture dongle.  You run the HMDI cable out of your camera into the dongle and the USB3 cable out into you computer.  The computer sees the camcorder as a webcam.  It’s not a dirt cheap solution ($450 AUD), but it’s small, doesn’t need any drivers installed or extra software, and I a lot of people already have HD cameras, all I have to do is loan out the dongle.