Digital safety Scissors stuck in a laptop screen

Despite your kids perhaps knowing more about the digital world than you, they are still kids. The same kids that have to be taught not to run into traffic, not to bite, not to eat dirt. The same kids who will drink too young and too much, and date the wrong person (all the while telling you, you are wrong). A kid can be a TikTok expert and be still clueless about important aspects of digital safety.

We can’t protect them from everything but we do have a responsibility to set them up with the skills to give them the best chance. That includes digital safety

If you’re not sure where to start, this article on Engadget is s good place – “A parent’s guide to raising a good digital citizen“. It has links to a range of useful sites and if you’re a teacher is also has a link to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Educator Standards.

If you’re concerned it’s worth talking to your kid’s school. They will have plan and can give you some tips. In Victoria they should be working from the Department of Education Cyber Safety page . There are lot of good links here. Three in particular that are worth looking at are:

Good luck.