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In teaching and training it’s more important to understand how people learn and what they need to achieve, and base your practice on that rather than the latest technology.   If you can do both it’s even better. 

I can help you with that. 


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Each week I skim through a range of education and tech feeds to give you an update on current issues and innovations. 
I also post up my latest “How To” guides and reviews.  

Weekend Funny  – Dr Evil meets Lego

Weekend Funny – Dr Evil meets Lego

I found this on Ars Technica. "At a meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Seattle earlier this month, Anderson described how he figured out how to focus sound-wave energy precisely enough to knock over a single Lego minifig without disturbing other minifigs...

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Xmas present ideas for teachers

Xmas present ideas for teachers

I know when Xmas is coming because my inbox and feed reader gets bombarded with "gift ideas". If you're stuck for ideas there might be something in this list. TechCrunch - Gift guide for anyone working from home TechCrunch - Gift guide: 11 gift ideas for the friend...

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Weekend  Funny – AI Advent Calendar

Weekend Funny – AI Advent Calendar

Janelle Shane at aiwierdness.com "built an advent calendar by using GPT-3 to generate descriptions and Pixray to illustrate them." This just a bit of Xmas oddness from someone with too much time on their hands. Check out the bonus post of images that didn't work.

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